13 May 2010

A Week in the Life of a Grammar Monkey: Thursday (Part 4 of 7)

Today was a national holiday, so there was no school!  Oh wait -- this session I don't teach on Thursdays anyway.  Hmm, right.

However, it being a national holiday meant that other people also had the day off, which was how Luna and I got to go make kites with our friend Ajik and then fly them in the rice paddies.  Following Ajik's instructions, we crossed two thin sticks and wound them together with string, and then cut a piece of tissue paper to fit the kite and attached that to the frame.  Just add one empty water bottle spool of pink string, and voila!  A homemade kite.  

Having kite wars in the rice paddies was a lot of fun, but unfortunately I got so caught up in looking, well, up, that I accidentally leaned against the still-hot tailpipe of Luna's motorbike and got myself a nice juicy burn in the shape of a crescent, smack in the middle of my right calf.  (My rash is pretty much gone by now [thanks Benadryl] so of course I had to inflict some other sort of injury on my body to make up for it.)  Over the course of the afternoon, the burn turned into a bit of a doozy -- by which I mean, the crescent-shaped patch of seared skin has since become a three-dimensional, crescent-shaped blister rising a good half-centimeter off the surface of my leg, which makes it look like I have a kind of fatty, dark brown slug chilling on my calf.  Gross, right?

To take my mind off the pus-filled bubble slowly forming on my leg, Luna and I went out for juice at this cafe around the corner from my house, where we spent a lovely hour drinking mango (her) and passionfruit (me) juice and playing gin rummy.  I won (sorry Lunes).  Then we went back home and ate bread and cheese sandwiches and read on the couch for a while, where I knocked off another 20 pages of Jared Diamond.  Juice, cards, and the history of everybody for the last 13,000 years -- such a productive afternoon!

After dinner we went to see Iron Man 2, which I enjoyed quite a bit, mostly for the scene in which Scarlett Johansson goes all Charlie's Angels and whips a bunch of security guard butt.  Then I came home and took pictures of my burn.

Aren't you enjoying this?  I know I am.

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