14 May 2010

A Week in the Life of a Grammar Monkey: Friday (Part 5 of 7)

It was a usual Friday -- lunch with Luna, gym, falling asleep reading Jared Diamond on the porch.  An afternoon thunderstorm foiled my plans to go bargain hunting at the thrift stores with my friend Lolly and then out to Indian food, which was too bad since it takes a lot for Lolly and I, who both ride bicycles, to gear ourselves up to take the bikes out on a big field trip (i.e. anywhere further than 15 minutes from where we live).  Mother Nature strikes again.

In the end, I sat around for the first part of the evening researching plane tickets back to the States (yipes), and then went out for pizza and jus alpukat with Luna at our favorite local pizza joint.  After pizza we headed over to Cafe Oh La La for some New Zealand Natural (see "Culinary Jackpot of the Week," right) which tasted even better than I remembered.  O ice cream, how I long for thee!  It was still raining when we finished with our cookies 'n cream, so we broke out the Bananagrams.  After playing several regular hands, we started building on one of the puzzles and worked until we had created one huge crossword, using all 144 tiles.  At some point we realized that we were doing exactly what all our students must suspect their young American English teachers do on Friday night -- hang out together, gorging themselves on Western desserts and playing word games.  So classic.  Luna maneuvered the last tiles into place, completing our massive crossword with the word "cloud."  Then we high-fived.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Solo (Yogya's sister city, about an hour east of here) to meet one of my favorite students, we'll just call her N, who is in my most advanced group and is also a good friend.  She's from Solo, goes back every weekend, and has generously offered to show me around.  Field trippppppp!  This should be good.

Slug update: mostly unchanged, though a little more wrinkly.  I wonder if that means it's starting to drain on its own?  If I can make it through without popping this thing, it'll be a miracle.  I'll keep you posted.

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